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Google Keyword Tool and What Happen Too It


I have noticed that everyone is freaking out about the Google keyword tool not being available anymore. Everyone needs to stop losing sleep over this, the keyword tool is not gone it has just been integrated with the keyword planner. The Google Keyword Tool was the main source for Internet marketers to be able do all of their keyword research. This has beenGoogle Keyword tool a regularly used tool for marketers for quite a few years now and I have seen some panic here lately about the keyword tool no longer existing. I have to say I even felt a little sick at my stomach when I heard of this for the first time!!! I have done a little research on this matter when I first heard of it and guess what, it’s all going to be OK, if not even better now with the keyword planner.


Google Keyword Planner Is The Google Keyword Tool

The Google Keyword Panner is better then the Google keyword tool as far as I’m concerned. You receive basically the same information you would get from the Google keyword tool but,  it is more informative now as the keyword planner. All Google did is combine the keyword tool with the traffic estimator and now you get the best of both worlds all in one area. You still type in the keyword just like you always have, set it at the best settings for your keyword and hit start, you will receive the same data you received with the Google keyword tool but now you can dig a little deeper with the keyword planner. I myself like the Google keyword planner much better then the Google keyword tool because you have more control over the settings of the tool itself.  For those of you who were thinking that your marketing career was coming to a halt, do not worry, you will get use to the Google keyword planner and like it even more then the keyword tool .


Google Keyword Planner

 Google Keyword Planner And You

I believe that anyone who uses the Google Keyword Planner or Google Keyword Tool  on a regular basis, that you must sign up for A Google Adowrds account,  DON’T worry you do not have to use the account if you don not want too. You do not have to put any money in the account or anything like that , Google just wants to get more exposure the Adwords by having anyone who uses this tool to have to create an account. By signing up for the account you can do your keyword research as much, and, as often as you need to. I use it almost everyday and like to save a lot of the the results I get to my computer. You can save your keyword results to your computer or to a make- believe campaign in your Google Adwords Account. I hope that everyone can finally calm down about the Google keyword tool and it’s disappearance, all you have to do now is go on over to the Google keyword planner and play around with it a little bit and you will see as I did, that it is just as good as what you had with the Google Keyword Tool if not better, and more detailed. I have put a video below that a found online that will help explain it a little more. So good luck and Thanks for stopping by and reading my post and be sure to check some of my other articles while you are her that might help you with your marketing adventure.